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One-size-fits-all doesn’t really fit all. Also, it’s boring.


Got a problem in your enterprise? Need an upshift to something better?
With InSource, we inject skills-on-demand to tackle such issues. We have successfully assisted customers with BPO, Data Migration and Upshifting to Cloud-based SAAS solutions.


Need a software solution? Can’t find exactly what you want? Just want it done without worrying about the geeky details?
With CodeStream, we take your design, build the prototype, develop it and deliver the perfect solution for you. All development is done on the cloud and the end product is simply CodeStreamed over.


Got a great idea? Want to build a start-up but don’t know where to start?
Our DreamBuilder service turns your idea into reality. We have been working with start-ups since 2006. We advise, incubate, fund and have supported and grown numerous early stage start-ups. So share your dream with us and let us help you build it!


Excited about tech? Want to further your skills and work on leading-edge technology and trailblazing projects?
The UpSkill programme aims to empower the next generation of tech professionals. We mentor and teach them the latest technologies and help them achieve their career goals.


Launching Soon! Our own enterprise Cyber Security service. Watch this space.

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